Pearls and Puptails

Spend your holiday shopping in style and give back to your community at Royal Jewelers Annual Pearls and Puptails Howl-iday Event on December 16 from 4:30-8 pm. A portion of sales proceeds will be donated to the Kentucky Humane Society. We’ll have adoptable puppies and dogs on-site along with specialty cocktails from Tito’s Vodka, wine, and food from Harvey’s Cheese of Logan Street Market. 

Browse gifts in all price ranges, visit with adoptable dogs and puppies, and participate in an exclusive holiday make-up lesson during the event. Plus, guests who bring in a much-needed item for the Kentucky Humane Society will be able to select an ornament from the Royal Discount Tree that could save them up to 70% of their entire purchase. For a list of wish list items, see the list below.

Be sure to enter our grand prize giveaway at the event or online. See the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll draw one lucky winner on December 16th at 7:30pm to receive a pair of 14k White Gold Diamond and Garnet Stud Earrings. You do not need to be present to win.

So grab a friend and join us at Louisville’s family neighborhood jeweler. We’ll see you there!


Creature Comforts

Blankets, towels, pet beds (clean, gently used; we are not able to use large comforters, hand towels or bed sheets)
Heating pads (electric and microwavable) and SnuggleSafe Microwavable Bed Warmers
Paper towel and toilet paper rolls (to make enrichment toys for pets)
Kuranda beds


Dog crates (large plastic and wire)
Temporary metal fencing for both large dogs and puppy play pens
Slip Leads
Dog food (canned only)
Dog toys (durable, non-plush), Nylabones and puzzle toys with stuffers such as peanut butter and Cheese Whiz
Dog treats (soft only, please; no rawhides), including Vienna sausages, Natural Balance dog food rolls, meat-flavored baby food, canned chicken in watter, canned tuna in water and canned squirt cheese
Marshmallows (hypo-allergic treat for dogs)
Puppy training pads for office fosters
Dog/Puppy gates for offices
Small brown-paper lunch bags (used for enrichment)
Leather Brothers 6’ Slip Leads
3-inchx 10-foot pvc pipe with 3-inch pvc end caps (used for enrichment)
Muffin tins (used for enrichment)
Icalm dogs (an auditory program used to calm dogs)

Cleaning Supplies

Laundry detergent
Disinfectant (aerosol cans)
Paper towels (multi-packs, if possible)
Safety glasses (to protect us when working with chemicals and/or quarantined areas)
Disposable non-skid shoe covers/booties (to protect us when working in quarantined areas; large or XL preferred)
Disposable gloves (large-size preferred)
Mesh laundry bags
Hand Soap


Digital cameras (new and gently used)
New or gently used laptops or desktop computers
Two-way radio /walkie-talkie set to streamline communication within the shelter
Heavy-duty scrub brushes
Two-step step ladders and stools
Contractor-grade hoses (75 foot and 100 foot)
Zip-close sandwich bags
Zip-close one-gallon bags
Plastic bags (from trips to Kroger, Target, etc.)
Freezer for frozen treats and dog food. (Please call regarding delivery)
Feeders Supply Gift Cards