About Us

We at Royal Fine Jewelers are proud of who we are and what we stand for; we would like for you to feel the same way.

Since Royal Fine Jewelers is a family business, we are committed to Louisville and our customers. Reputation follows you and that's why we have been in business since 1947. Every customerwho walks through our door is very important to us, whether they buy a $20,000.00 ring or a $10 watch band.

Jewelry should not be a commodity, but a beautiful piece of art that makes the wearer feel special. We want your purchase at Royal Fine Jewelers to be a pleasant experience with attentive and knowledgeable salespeople. We strive to have fine quality jewelry, good values and many one of a kind pieces. If you want that special piece of jewelry come visit us at Royal Fine Jewelers.

Our Employees

Lynn and Sandee Schulwolf

Lynn and Sandee are the owners of Royal. Not only are they the owners but they have been married for over 45 years. They both believe in hard work and dedication to their business and marriage. Lynn is the President of Royal and has worked in the business for over 35 years. Sandee is a Graduate Gemologist and Certified Gemologist Appraiser.

Jonathan Schulwolf

Amy Schulwolf

Jonathan and Amy are the third generation of the Frockt/Schulwolf family who have been involved with Royal Fine Jewelers. Jonathan has received the Certified Sales Associate Degree from the American Gem Society. Jonathan is very active with all phases of the business from the financial aspects to sales. Amy not only has a master's degree from FIT, she worked in the international jewelry trade while living in New York. Amy brings a lot of knowledge and creativity to Royal and we are thrilled to have her.












Royal Fine Jewelers is strongly rooted in the history of Louisville, and Louisville in the history of Royal Fine Jewelers.

Since Royal has been in business for 66 years in Louisville we feel very close to what affects our community.  This year Amy is on the Tuxes and Tails Committee for the event that will be held this August for KHS.  We also hold special events to raise money for the Kentucky Humane Society.  We are members of the Greater Louisville Inc., the Better Business Bureau, and LIBA (Shop Local). 

Alvin, Hyman, and Robert Frockt (Sandee's father) started Royal Jewelers in 1947. Later Royal Jewelers was transferred to the ownership of Robert and Johanna Frockt (Sandee's parents). In the mid 1960's the store was moved from 4th and Market to 4th and Jefferson in downtown Louisville.

In 1972 Lynn and Sandee Schulwolf moved back to Louisville to help Johanna Frockt with managing the downtown store. A second location was opened in the Shelbyville Road Plaza in 1991. Royal operated both locations until 1999 when they combined the two stores into one location. They moved into a new larger store at 4505 Shelbyville Road where they are located today.























Now, as Royal Fine Jewelers, we are members of the American Gem Society -- dedicated to gemology, ethics, and servicing our customers. Come see our beautiful store and our even more beautiful and unique jewelry. Our customer service is the best in Louisville. That's why we have such loyal Royal customers. Remember all jewelry cleaning is free. We are looking forward to seeing you.